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We have received applications from 25 differents countries!!
Thank you to all the participants 
Congratulations to the 42 selected semi-finalists!!

Anastasiades Apollonas, Chypre

Barré Alexia, France

Branchereau Line, France

Bucik Tjaša, Slovenie

Buczynska Julia, Pologne

Casprini Sofia, Italie
Cathala-Di Fabrizio Milane, France

Couton Lou, France

Da Silva Camille, France

De Girolamo Francesca, Italie

De Ponti Fanny, Italie

Dominici Paula, Autriche

Fink Atara, USA

Gautier Eurydice, France

Gibaud Léa, France

Gil Noa, Israël

Goile Nikita, France

Grassot Olivia, France

Horten-Skilbrei Lisa, Suisse

Hubert Juliette, Belgique

Lambrecht Lies, Belgique


Le Garrec Doriane, France

Losada María Fernanda, Italie/Argentine

Manresa Anaïs, France

Marchand Camille, France

Palais Manon, France

Papaleo Yaccuzzi Florencia, Italie

Papapostolou Vasiliki, Grèce

Pasteau  Jules, France

Poliakova Elizaveta, Allemagne

Pozsony Panna, Hongrie

Reis Tiago, Portugal

Rents Louise, Belgique

Saadi Or, Israël

Stojanovic-Aufreiter Sonja, Serbie

Tessier Maurane, France

Tison Louise, France

Truzzi Bianca Serena, Italie

Tsur Noa, Israël

van der Waals Emilie, Allemagne

Vathi Maria, Grèce

Zajkova Jovana, Macédoine

Brussels Dance Contest 




November 4 & 5

 Only 10 candidats will go in Final !


The Final will be scheduled during the

Festival Antigone 2023

the 2nd of December 

at Centre Culturel d'Uccle 


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