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We are happy to work and collaborate with a large number of well-known and talented dancers, choreographers and companies. This year once again, they all came forward to support our candidates and contribute to the contest 


The list of prizes for the 2023 edition has been updated

  • 1st prize for Choreography

- A training module of your choice among the choreographer’s’ courses of the 2024 season (offered by LA FABRIQUE DE LA DANSE / Paris¹)


  • 1st prize for Performance


-​ Participation in a professional workshop/season 2024 : "Repertoire Workshop with Eduardo Torroja" (offered by Ultima Vez) 


- Participation in a professionnal workshop/season 2024 (offered by Cie Opinion Public)

  • Public prize

- Brussels Dance Contest/4 residency days to be fixed during 2024 (offered by Compagnie Sarah Mck Fife²)

  • Special Awards


- 1/ KAIHO Award/A 4 hour online coaching session with choreographer Brandon Lagaert of KAIHO Company


- 2/ Peeping Tom Award/A free ticket to The Kitchen 2024³

3/ Brussels Dance Contest/The opportunity to choreograph and/or perform a piece during the next Brussels Dance Contest Final (Duration max. 20 minutes)

- 4/ Sarah Mck Fife Award/Participation in a 4 hour prived professional workshop with choreographer Sarah Mck Fife – Season 2024

- 5/ A photo session with dance photographer Fred Mck (offered by Festival Antigone management) – Season 2024

The prizes can be combined, which means that the same candidate could receive all prizes.


All finalists will receive a diploma for their participation in the final of the competition.

(1) The team members, from the dance and business world,  both artists and engineers, sales representatives or journalists, have devised tailor-made educational programs, whose modules can range from one to eight days and courses from one week to eight months, to enable professionals to acquire the skills necessary for the exercice of their professions and the evolution of the sector.

Since 2015, La Fabrique de la Danse has supported choreograpers and managers of choreographic and artistic projects in their professionalization. 

(2)  Studio reserved and defined by the asbl Antigone, maximum 6h/day

(3) The Peeping Tom Kitchen, is a meeting place for artists, a space to test out "new recipes", a safe environment to learn from each other and to get inspired by different disciplines and backgrounds.

It is a research lab for different art forms, such as dance, theatre, visual arts, music, scenography, film. By sharing workshops, masterclasses, discussions, performances,...The Kitchen creates dialogues, wants to nurture artistic practices and open up boundaries.

We take you into our creative process, offering you the keys to our way of working.

Different Peeping Tom artists will share their knowledge, and offer a diverse programme of creative development. 

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